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The movie

Giulia Innocenzi

Is a prime time Italian TV host and journalist also known for her investigations into factory farms. She currently works for the investigative TV program Report broadcast on national public TV Rai. She targeted the meat industry and big brands, and recently she managed to get into the 26 storey pig hotel in China, an undercover investigation that was picked up by many international media outlets. ‘Tritacarne’, her book about the meat and dairy industry, has become a bestseller.

Pablo D’Ambrosi

Is an Italian / British film maker and has been involved in feature documentaries since 2008. He has worked on music documentaries for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Adele and The Clash just to mention a few. He also has extensive knowledge of undercover filming and investigative documentaries by working with the prestigious BBC programs Panorama and This World, which won the Prix Europa for best Current Affairs Documentary.

Jonathan Reyes

Is a US Emmy winning designer, director, and animator. Former executive Creative Director at CNN Digital.

Alessandro Giovanetto
Music composer

Is an Italian film composer, producer, and guitarist who graduated from both the “Institute of Contemporary Music Performance” and the “Royal College of Music” in London, majoring in Guitar Performance and Composition for Screen. As an arranger, composer and guitarist, Alessandro has collaborated with various European artists, contributing to the creation of four albums. In his role as a composer for the screen, Alessandro has written soundtracks spanning animation, live-action, theatrical plays, and video games.

The investigations


The animal rights association since 1977, has coordinated the undercover investigations in farms all over Europe.

Lorenzo Mineo

Investigated the link between the meat industry, lobbying, and the corridors of power at the European Parliament. He also coordinates the Brussels office of Eumans – Citizens for democracy and sustainability, a pan-European movement based on popular initiative, which promotes campaigns on human rights and sustainability.

Executive producers

Food For Profit will see the light only thanks to the people who believed in the importance of the project and who have decided to invest their precious economic resources and energy. We will never stop thanking them.

Davide Parenti
Vice Italia
Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni
Vegan grants
Fondazione Prima Spes
Green World
Michiel Van Deursen